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  • Awesome - great communication - excellent spot - family loved it.

    kjettema 100%|1x Feb 2019

  • Booking went smoothly

    DavidLockyer22 100%|12x Feb 2019

  • Excellent

    dint592 100%|2x Jan 2019

  • Thanks

    ChristinW 100%|3x Jan 2019

  • Great communication. Easy to deal with. Thanks Tracey.

    keryon500 100%|4x Jan 2019

  • We contacted Tracey for assistance with the Wifi (admittedly at 7pm on a Friday night). Although her advice worked in the end, she was a bit terse in her response to the name of the wifi network we needed to connect to, stating that all the information was on the piece of paper at the batch (which it wasn't), and said that she hadn't been asked that before. In the end she did say she'd contact the owners on our behalf if we continued to struggle, but could have been more friendly. Key was easy.

    AlyssaBu1 100%|1x Jan 2019

    Hi thanks for your feedback. Sorry i wasnt being short in my response, i was actually unsure of the network , we have had issues in Akaroa with 2degrees. The laminated notice i was suggesting be checked had the password on it. It is very hard to try to fix an issue like this without being present. I dont give out owners contacts - its my job, they dont want to be contacted at 7pm. It was just an outage and i dont have solutions for this. I also did make contact with the owners.Happy it did work!

    akaroa-rentals 98%|2370x

  • She was really easy to contact and very helpful. She was ver professional.

    delli001 100%|4x Jan 2019

  • i

    NeilMc13 100%|1x Jan 2019

  • Very nice to deal with.

    MarkM229 100%|1x Jan 2019

  • .

    tomm1676 100%|2x Jan 2019